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The wonderful Ridge Vineyard wines really are part of the fabric of our shop. Some of our customers will fondly remember the tasting we did with Paul Draper at Harewood House back in the late 1990’s. Ridge’s success has gradually made it harder and harder to get all the wine we want from their annual releases, but that speaks volumes of the quality they attain year in year out.

So we are pleased to have grabbed an allocation of the current release and thought this a good opportunity to highlight them once again.

2013 Ridge East Bench £25.99 per bottle 

This is a new wine to us. Unlike their more famous field blend Zinfandels (which we’ll move on to next) this is – unusually for Ridge – 100% Zinfandel.

The East Bench vineyard is at the eastern side of Dry Creek Valley and was originally planted in the late 1800’s until abandonment in the early 1900’s. Ridge then replanted it in 1999/2000 and used their three best Zinfandel clone selections from four pre-prohibition era vineyards chosen for their excellent quality and pedigree. At about 15 years old these vines are now producing fruit with great richness and complexity. A great insight into 100% Zinfandel from Ridge.

Ridge Geyserville and Ridge Lytton Springs

Geyserville or Lytton? A question debated for many a long hour over a glass of wine or two. For us it shows perfectly how different vineyards and slightly different blends can make noticeably different wines. Choosing a favourite would be like choosing a favourite child.

2013 Ridge Lytton Springs £32.99 per bottle

74% Zinfandel, 16% Petite Sirah, 8% Carignane, 2% Mataró (Mourvèdre)

Lytton Springs is a classic Dry River Creek Zinfandel and shows Ridge’s commitment to ‘heritage vines’, some as old as 100 years. It always displays a richness of fruit and complex density yet it’s not an out and out fruit bomb. Lytton is pinned together with more than enough tannin structure to be taken seriously. Winemaker John Olney thinks the Zinfandel in 2013 is as expressive as it has been in years. A genuine classic Lytton Springs.

2013 Ridge Geyserville £32.99 per bottle

73% Zinfandel 17% Carignan 9% Petite Sirah 1% Mataró (Mourvèdre)

A wine that Ridge have made since way back in 1966. A field blend, with one parcel – “old patch” – dating back to 1882 and amazingly this one parcel has 28 different grape varieties in it! Next to this parcel is a Carignan block from 1892 and about 40% of the Geyserville comes from these two extremely complex blocks. Add to that it’s a very stony vineyard which imparts a lot of minerality. More savoury and with deeper structure than Lytton but it’s more than just another Zinfandel – it’s Geyserville.

Both Lytton and Geyserville will age well for up to a decade or more and Paul Draper suggested it was either best to drink them in the first 3 to 4 years or forget about them for a while, and then revisit when they are 7 years old plus.

2011 Ridge Merlot Estate £41.99 per bottle

Moving down from Sonoma County we head to the iconic vineyard of Monte Bello. It is hard to convey just how high up in the Santa Cruz Mountains this vineyard is and indeed how close it is to the coast and San Francisco bay. This is, of course, what makes the wines that come from Monte Bello so unique and of such high quality.

Ridge Merlot Estate was first made in 1974 from a block of Merlot usually destined for the flagship Monte Bello. It quickly became clear, however, just how well suited the Monte Bello vineyard was to single varietal Merlot. Approachable but will keep for a decade.

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