My luxury summer fruit cup

Summer Fruit Cup.JPG

There are few things that shout out summer more than a glass of Pimms. Yorkshire hitting leather on willow in the background is close, but it’s the Pimms in hand that seals the deal. This got me thinking about making a slightly more luxurious version whilst retaining the character of what is quintessentially a summer fruit cup.

I set about making my own and after a quick look round the internet for ideas I realised that I already had most of the ingredients I might need and so my experiment began. I should say that a lot of my inspiration came from Felicity Cloake’s articles in The Guardian – I really do think she has the best job in the world!

I mixed in red vermouth for some complexity and went for a dry marsala for added depth. I also included a splash of the wonderful vermouth from Belle Époque for its outlandishly heady aromatic quality. That was my main extravagance and I only included it because I happened to have some at home, but a splash of good sweet vermouth will have a similar effect.

Fruit cup ingredients

35ml gin

20ml Dolin red vermouth

5ml Antica Formula red vermouth

5ml triple sec

5ml Americano Cocchi Rosa

2.5ml dry 10 year old marsala

2.5ml Belle Époque vermouth

Dash of Angostura bitters

To make this aim for about 50/50 with lemonade, add the fruit cup, lots of ice, sliced cucumber and sliced strawberry but don’t go too heavy on the fruit. A sprig of mint is the final touch.