Galician Beef Rib Steak


One of our most frequently asked questions is what is the best food to serve
with special bottles of wine. And in our opinion we always say the simpler
the better and what could be more simple than steak. After all, best not to
swamp a great wine with overly complicated flavours.

That said this Galician beef is far from simple, in fact we would say it’s
the very best beef you could ever taste but served up in a simple way.

So what we have here is basically a generous one kilo rib portion of
Galician Beef and cooked on a barbecue for about 8 minutes per side (but
keep it turning every minute or so). Then rested for 10 minutes. This is  8 to 15 year old grass fed diary cow (heaven knows why we don’t eat cows like this in the UK).


We chopped the beef up into random portions and served it with some game
chips. As simple as it gets and the flavour of the beef shines through.

In this case we served it up with a wine in keeping with the Spanish theme,
a bottle of Remelluri  Reserva  2009 which to us has always had a slight
whiff of Bordeaux  hidden under its Iberian sleeky charms. But we have to
say any good bottle of red  wine will shine with a steak like this.