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Prawns and Riesling Pickled Cucumber and Avocado


To start off the 31 Days of German Riesling what could be better than this summery dish of

Prawns and Riesling Pickled Cucumber and Avocado.


500g raw prawn
Knob of butter
1 avocado
Half a cucumber
50ml Riesling vinegar
30g Fructose
Mixed tender leaf salad
Dill for garnish
Olive oil


Add the Riesling vinegar and fructose and heat slowly until the sugar is dissolved. Set aside and cool.

Deseed the cucumber if wished, finally slice and put in a bowl with the vinegar solution. Pickle for an hour.

Cook the prawn in the knob of butter, with a generous pinch of salt.

Slice the avocado, add to the salad. Dress with oil and pinch of salt and maybe a spoon of the pickle juice. Add the cucumber slices and the prawns on top. Season and finish with some finely chopped dill.

Serve with some sourdough bread and of course a bottle of German Riesling.

Recipe adapted from the Wines of Germany website.